About Me

The truth behind why I started Stay Golden HI Jewelry…

Before I started Stay Golden HI Jewelry, I had 3 jobs (idk how I did it tbh.) I worked at a doggy day care picking and cleaning up dog poop, a cafe sweeping leaves and wiping bird poop off the lanai , and at my moms store selling cigarettes and soda.
There isn’t anything wrong with that, but during that time I felt like a total loser! Then the pandemic hit! During that time I watched and made a lot of funny Tik Tok videos (omg so embarrassing) BUT there was this 1 video that stood out and inspired me.
It was a video of a 18 year girl (I was 21 at that time) selling jewelry for $5. Her business name was So Cute Jewels (what a cute name!) and in that video, she was showing us her new office space she was able to afford!
I honestly have no idea what happened to her videos and business anymore but it was that video that inspired me to not depend on my parents and to start my own business in 2020.

We hope the new pieces you received make you feel as special and amazing as you truly are, and we can't wait to see how you'll style them.
Thank you for being a part of our journey and for making our dreams come true. You're an absolute gem and we love you to the moon and back! 💕🌙

Stay golden and keep treating yourself to cute jewelry ♡︎