About Me

Hi Internet friends! ♡ 

My name is Aliya! I’m from Honolulu, Hawaii.

I started and named my brand Stay Golden because I wanted people to feel “golden” every time they have my brand on. It was never, and will never be about what I sell. Stay Golden will always be about how I want people to feel from the moment they open their package to the moment they have it on.

Jewelry was never really a huge passion of mine, but it eventually grew to be, because of all the support and love you guys showed me. I have so much fun designing new charms here and there. And it’s all because you guys allow me to do so. Thank you ♡ 

Stay Golden is known for cute, tarnish free, trendy, and affordable jewelry. But we are also known for our FREE SECRET GIFT. I created this because it was the one of the many affirmations I’ve given myself when I was going through hard times in my life and business. I know we all battle our own problems and I hope this gift can inspire you to achieve whatever it is you wish to do. I've created 16 different gifts and I can't wait to see which ones you receive!

Stay golden my loves, and happy shopping.

With love,