About Me

Hi my name is Aliya! We're a local jewelry and piercing business located in Hawai'i♡︎ 

I started my business to take care of my mom and sister and also wanted to see trendier jewelry pieces in Hawaii other than shells! 

I was born in China an immigrated to Hawaii when I was 3. I became a college dropout and found myself working 3 part time jobs not knowing what I should do with myself.

During Covid I had a lot of time to think and be alone with my thoughts. I watched and made a lot of funny Tik Tok videos BUT there was this 1 video that stood out and inspired me.
It was a video of a 18 year girl (I was 21 at that time) selling jewelry. Her business name was So Cute Jewels (what a cute name!) and in that video, she was showing us her new office space she got from growing her business.
It was that video that inspired me to have my own business too!

A lot of the jewelry here in Hawaii are inspired by shells and personally for me I had that city girl aesthetic and wanted to make trendier pieces. I also realized there wasn't a lot of jewelers selling jewelry that were water safe, which is something that was important to me since you're always in the water or sweating on the island. I also got into piercing jewelry since there wasn't any cute ones accessible to me other than some random kiosks at the mall or hot topic.

Since I was a tiktok girly, I obviously had to make a video for my business so I hit up my bestie to go to the beach with me to make a water safe jewelry video. That day my video got 200k views and gave me over 100+ orders. I was so overwhelmed by all the support and love everyone showed me that I never stopped since.

Our mission is to help you feel confident where you shop by making sure all our jewelry is water safe so you don't have to worry about if it will turn green at the beach, pool or shower.

Thank you for being a part of my journey! 

Stay golden and keep treating yourself to cute jewelry ♡︎