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Absolutely loved my jewelry and it was so easy to put on. Aliya was communicative with everything that was going on and you don’t really get that from small business no matter how much you want to support them repeatedly so I really appreciate that. Definitely will be back again. In Conclusion I’m an extremely happy customer 😘


This necklace is so cute. It’s the perfect length to layer other pieces on (from stay golden of course) highly recommend getting this piece. I feel like pearls are super in right now so you’ll be right on trend with this necklace


I absolutely ADORE this necklace and StayGolden as a company. I’ve ordered a numerous amount of pieces from rings to necklaces to anklets and they have NEVER ONCE DISSAPOINTED!πŸ–€πŸ–€


My FAVE ring that I have gotten from the shop! I wanted a simple band with my favorite color green and it was hard to find. But this ring hits the mark! It’s so cute and quirky and the color is perfect not too green or too neon it’s a soft light green. The design is very nice too it’s not like a solid line band it’s curved all around so it looks more delicate. Just love it so much!


LOVE this fake septum piercing!! Again, I loved that I was able to test out the piercing without actually having to get the piercing. It's so comfy and stays in place very well. It's high quality and I recommend to everyone to try it!


At first, I couldn’t figure it out. I went on TikTok to her page and I found that I need to start from the inside of the nostril. It was so much easier than I was expecting and I love it so much! I’m so happy I don’t need to get another piercing for the look I want! 10/10! I will be definitely buying more styles!